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DocuWorks - Experienced, High Volume X-Ray Film Digitizing

  • How long does it take you—and therefore cost—to pull a study and scan it for use as a competitive PACS study?
  • Do you need your X-Ray file storage space for other revenue generating purposes?
  • Are you looking for a firm with experience in scanning over 1/2 million X-Rays?
  • Someone who clearly understands what it is like to push 6g of Dicom data per day?
  • Someone who has actually used RIS->HL7 to generate a PACS worklist?
  • Someone who understands how to edit Dicom headers?
  • Or someone experienced in storing / compressing / and sending to your PACS?
  • Would you like to not have to explain what PACS, RIS, or HL7 are?

DocuWorks provides experience in large project management of X-Ray Digitization and Indexing conversions. We run 2 shifts on 6 Vidar DiagnosticPro Advantage (latest release) X-Ray scanners with secure HIPAA compliant network servers. We are vendor neutral to work with most PACS systems and have the following infrastructure in place;

  • All new HP Z-class workstations and servers.
  • Vidar Diagnostic Pro Advantage X-Ray scanners 2-8k of scanning resolution.
  • We use Merge eFilm (Scan and Workstation), DesAcc Digital Jacket and/or PacsGear PacsScan Film as our scanning control software. The choice is project dependant.
  • Along with various Dicom gateways, and Dicom HL7->Dicom Worklist/mapping products as needed.
  • We can Dicom Send/Push about 6g of Dicom studies per day.
  • All work is scanned by RSNA & HIPPA compliance rules.
  • All scanning work is considered to be used as a first generation diagnostic quality read.

Onsite consulting can be provided for the best approach to your X-Ray scanning projects. We provide this outsourced X-Ray scanning service anywhere in the US.

To inquire about our services, call: 214-236-3665 Dallas, Texas: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: or email us at