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DocuWorks - Dental X-Ray Film Digitizing

A growing number of dentists are installing digital X-ray equipment in their offices, eliminating the need for analog X-Ray film. Digital technology is a way for dentists to differentiate their practices to patients, and is part of a move in the health-care industry to create electronic health records that can be stored on computer and emailed to insurers and other practitioners.

DocuWorks provides experience in digitizing large quantities of dental X-Ray film including Intraoral films - Bite-wing, Periapical and Occlusal , and Extraoral films - Panoramic and Cephalometric and Tomograms.

There are numerous reasons for dentists and oral surgeons to digitize X-Ray film film priors, including;

  • Digitizing for cost effective integration into the patient's digital records
  • Digitizing to reclaim office space
  • Digitizing from other referral facilities or for consultation
  • Digitizing to Increase insurance claims approval and payment

If you are ready to digitize your analog X-Ray film priors and incorporate them into your dental practice management software, but don't have the time to do it yourself, please give us a call.

To inquire about our services, 214-236-3665 Dallas, Texas: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,or email us at